Why did HANDS start?

The #JoinHANDS movement started in Florida.

On Saturday, February 13, 2010, a statewide gathering against near and offshore oil drilling occurred in Florida.

10,000 Floridians representing 60 towns and cities and over 90 beaches joined hands to protest the efforts by the Florida Legislature and the US Congress to lift the ban on oil drilling in the near and off shores of Florida.

Florida’s Hands Across The Sand event was the largest gathering in the history of Florida united against expanding oil drilling into Florida’s waters. Events were held from Jacksonville to Miami Beach, and Key West to Pensacola Beach.

National to Global Movement

On June 26, 2010, in response to the Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill Disaster in the Gulf of Mexico, Hands Across the Sand went national and global. The event was announced and the website went live allowing event organizers to sign up only four weeks prior to June 26th.

It became the largest gathering of people in the history of the world united against expanding offshore oil drilling and championing clean energy and renewables.

Over 1000 events were held worldwide.

Events took place in all 50 United States, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico.

Events were held in 42 countries outside the U.S. including Australia, Bangladesh, Brazil, Belize, Canada, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, Germany, Denmark, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Spain, France, United Kingdom, Greenland, Greece, Croatia, Ireland, India, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Lebanon, Mexico, Malaysia, Nicaragua, Netherlands, Norway, New Zealand, Panama, Peru, Poland, Romania, Sweden, Turkey, Tanzania, and South Africa.

Demonstrators join hands at a renewable energy gathering on Tahunanui Beach, New Zealand. Thanks to Caroline Foster

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Let's Connect

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No to dirty fuels, yes to clean energy

A message from the founder, Dave Rauschkolb

How to
Join Hands
on May 19, 2018

Go to an event location near you at 11 AM, in your time zone, for one hour, rain or shine.
Join hands for 15 minutes at 12:00 PM, in your time zone, forming lines in the sand, or on the land, against dirty fuels. Say yes to clean energy and renewables.
Leave only your footprints. In addition, consider getting involved in a local organization that supports clean energy.

Event Day Tips

  1. Use only approved locations. This includes beach access and parking, plus parks and recreational areas.
  2. Create a long line, or as many lines as you wish.
  3. Be courteous and respectful to those who disagree with your view.
  4. Please steer clear of bird nesting areas (refer to Audubon’s recommendations).

    If at beach, stay away from sea turtle nesting areas (visit Sea Turtle Oversight Protection for more information).

    In addition, respect any flora and fauna (plants and animals) for your particular region.
  5. Leave nothing but footprints...and enjoy yourself!