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Hollywood Florida held Hands event after their March 4 Ocean walk

Saturday, June 23rd, 2018

Thank you Surfrider and Dotty for joining hands after your March 4 Ocean walk on June 9th. I know your Hands event scheduled for May 19th was rained out and you worked hard to include it into the June 9th Ocean day. You are true ocean heroes!!! Thank you


March4Oceans event June 9th! For Palm Beach County Florida

Wednesday, May 16th, 2018

Parvati Magazine highlights Hands events for May 19th

Thursday, April 19th, 2018
 Check out the article published in the Parvati Magazine last spring and their support of our May 19th event below. Thank you Parvati!!!
Our friends at Hands Across The Sand, featured in Parvati Magazine last spring, are holding a global event on May 19. Find out the details at
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Hands Organizers Needed !!

Thursday, April 19th, 2018

Please consider organizing a Hands Across the Sand event for May 19th. It is easy, a short event and creates a powerful image to send to your elected officials. Visit our home page and resource page to see how easy it is.

March For the Ocean

Friday, March 30th, 2018

Dear M4O Organizers
We are at an existential crisis right now – Environmentally and Politically. Forget reports saying plastic in the ocean will triple in fifty years. Plastic is killing wildlife and poisoning people today. Offshore drilling is also a product liability issue – this product, even used as directed, overheats our ​​planet, acidifies the ocean and adds to the plastic pandemic.  Half the world’s corals bleached in the last four (hottest in recorded history) years.  Hurricanes like Harvey, Irma and Maria are being supercharged by a warming ocean.

Now we have an administration that’s treating our public seas not as a life-support system but like a gas station and a garbage dump, wanting to open up 90 percent of U.S. waters to drilling and spilling while eliminating keystone pollution laws and rules.

March for the Ocean on June 9 – World Oceans Day weekend – in Washington D.C. with sister marches from sea to shining sea and a growing number of countries, is our chance to raise our voices and reclaim our power. The Ocean is Rising And So Are We!

M4Os three key issues will be Ending Plastic Pollution of our seas, transitioning from Offshore Drilling to Clean Energy and Protecting our Coasts at risk. Check out the broad array of ocean interests supporting the march on the M40 website. Then help us grow this wave of citizen action together by doing the following:


1. Become a March partner, follow and retweet and tag friends, local organizations and influencers to help spread the word #MarchForTheOcean #TheOceanIsRising #AndSoAreWe

2. Follow and like our posts; tag friends, local organizations and influencers; download and add one of our to “your story” to help spread the message. Use M4O hashtags. #MarchForTheOcean #M4O #TheOceanIsRising #AndSoAreWe  in addition to your own hashtags.

3. Go to the and invite your friends to like the page (if available, select the send invitation in Messenger).

4. Go to the and invite your friends to the DC March (if available, select the send invitation in Messenger).

5. Share and personalize your share explaining why you are marching for the ocean. [tag M4O, March for the Ocean Event pages and 5-10+ people in your networks who are influencers/organizers].

6. Our “Ice Bucket Challenge” Make an M4O Selfie: Make and post your own selfie video. Do this by being at the beach, sailing, swimming, being at or near the water, doing something you love and/or wearing something blue. 15-30 seconds. You can say “This is Why I am marching for the Ocean June 9” or “I’m wearing blue for the Ocean.” Challenge 5 friends to do the same.  Post on FB, Twitter and Instagram pages and tag March for the Ocean. Here’s an example of a simple selfie-like video of Olivia and Carter Reis of ‘One Less Straw’ with some M4O branding

7. Subscribe to our and add March for the Ocean videos to your website using their share links or embed codes.

8. And don’t forget to ‘Wear Blue for the Ocean’ at the March (Blue M4O T-shirts available) –
e you at March for the Ocean in DC June 9


Hands Across the Sand Executive Director